Change Your Energy - Change Your Life

Change Your Energy - Change Your Life


If you want to create a meaningful life where your talents are fully engaged, abundance flows easily and being stuck is a thing of the past.....

Then this is the course for you!



Change Your Energy - Change Your Life  Teleclass


Have you ever wondered WHY some people seem to easily face their challenges and create success?


How Will You Benefit?

These classes will radically increase your opinion of what's possible for you!
They will create an exciting sense of empowered direction in your life!
They will give you amazing insight into why your talents have never been fully utilized.
They will guide you to meaningful life...
They will forever expand what is possible for YOU to achieve!
They will teach you how to see possibilities where you once saw none.

Here are some things you will discover.....

  • What is keeping you stuck in the same old patterns that don’t produce the life you want.
  • Why positive thinking doesn’t work
  • What is really standing in the way of your financial success?
  • What happens when you expand the gap between stimulus and response
  • The 4 C’s of making Big Change Happpen
  • What to do to sustain the energy of success once you have generated it.  
  • A sense of joy and abundance that exceeds your current capacity to imagine it
  • Why emotion is not a bad thing – as a matter of fact it is incredibly powerful
  • The 4 stages of creating a powerful internal GPS that will guide you no matter what is happening in your world.  

A recent participant who took only 4 of the 8 sessions said this:

I was guided to the Creating the Energy of Success class in May 2008 by a friend who had previously taken the class and felt I could benefit from it.  At the time I was newly separated from my (then) husband of 35 years. You bet I could benefit from it!  I felt that the rug had been pulled out from under me and all that I had known to be true - no longer was.  I needed to work through the minefield that had become my life and to come out on the other side with a re-defined identity and purpose that would carry me into the "next phase".

Initially I wasn't sure how the teleconference format would feel to me.  I wondered if it would be too cold and impersonal but just moments into the first session, I felt surrounded by positive energy and knew that this was going to work. Hearing the concerns, strengths, fears, confusions, and victories of the other "voices" was enlightening and encouraging and these voices quickly became important and cared about as we journeyed and grew together.  Having a coach to lead us through the concepts we were examining/exploring was invaluable to me.  A "workbook" is good, but having someone walk the path with you is way better!

Creating the Energy of Success opened up my world. It was an "AHA moment" in many, many ways.  It felt like I had gotten a guide book on life.  It educated, challenged and lead me to other opportunities, people and a spiritual life that have enriched me tremendously.  

--- Terri

Life enhancing and destiny changing topics that we teach......

In the first four classes..


  • What the energy of success is and how to create it and sustain it.  
  • The importance of alignment if you want more joy in life.
  • What Gapability is and why it is a key to seeing opportunities that surround you.
  • How our life is governed by the surroundings and events of your youth.
  • How to become an alchemist for your life.
  • he simplest and most powerful way to make change happen in your life
  • To write a mission statement for your life that will alter how you view the rest of the time you spend on this earth.  

In the second 4 classes


  • What a powerful vision for your life really sounds like.  
  • To create a GPS for your life using the Four Stages of Soul Alignment.  
  • The secret to making a Big Change in Life – we call it the 4 C’s of Big Change.  
  • All the things your mother never taught you about money.  
  • Why clarity is mandatory to Create the Energy of Success.
  • That there are three things you can do to sustain the energy and transformation you achieve as a result of this class.  


Creating the Energy of Success.....take the class!!


I didn't just take course once, I took twice!  Different points in my life, so I was focusing on different aspects of the growth that I needed.  I refer back to the course booklet and my notes every so often to recharge my energy more!
--- Linda Maune, Strafford, Missouri

What Do I Have to Invest
to Participate in This Training?

We have a surprise for you.  The course includes more than just the 8 teleclasses.  When you register you will receive ----

  1. A comprehensive workbook to use in the conjunction with the class.
  2. Downloadable audio recordings of each of the classes for your continued learning.
  3. 2 - one on one coaching sessions to enrich the learning experience.

I started my network marketing business 12 years ago.  I jumped in as many do with little knowledge but tons of enthusiasm.  I had quick success but after 18 months was stuck and frustrated.  Then I was introduced to the teleclass “Creating the Energy of Success”. The learning, the aha’s, and the life-changing shifts that I have both experienced and witnessed from the many times I have repeated the “Creating the Energy of Success” class, each time with numerous team members, has had a profound impact on my business. 

As a direct result of what I have learned from the class, I am a happier, more confident, and more peaceful person.  Virtually everyday, I use the skills gained from “Creating the Energy of Success”.  On a day-to-day, moment-by-moment basis, I have learned how shift from experiencing fear to love and joy in literally an instant.  That is indeed what I call Changing Your Life!  
--- Sherri Danzig, Atlanta GA

If for any reason that you decide this teleclass is not what you expected, we will cheerfully refund your money. 

We believe it will be more than you expect and look forward to meeting all of the folks you will refer to future sessions.  



Change Your Energy - Change Your Life
offers practical wisdom that can apply to your
own life for your entire life!


What is a Teleclass?

Teleclasses are an easy and cost effective way to learn. They are one-hour sessions conducted on the phone. Each participant dials into a common host phone number so that everyone, including the facilitator is on the same call simultaneously. Everyone in the class can hear and speak to everyone else in the session. It is the job of the facilitator to make the session so engaging that you don't realize you can't see the rest of the people on the call. Teleclasses do not require that you have a computer or need to be on line line during the call.

The real beauty is that you are connected 'live' with other learners. You can hear them and communicate freely. You learn from each other. And best of all, you are in the comfort of your own home. The only commute time is the time it takes to dail in.

For More Information...

Contact  Frank Mallinder, at 630-926-4909.


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