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How I Coach. The Process and Approach

Clients often ask a series of questions before they get started on their journey with me. I am sharing them with you to provide a more intimate look at what I do and how I do it.


Question #1: What is it like to work with you as my personal, life coach?


My Response: When you experience coaching with me you will gain unbelievable insights on the breadth and magnitude of your talents. You will discover the invisible fear based life patterns that are often operating at a subconscious level, separating you from your dreams. Once the fear based life patterns are made visible, you will be taught how to create joy based life patterns and take actions to propel yourself toward your dreams. You will begin the process to unleash the untapped potential in you.

You will discover what it is like to achieve alignment between what you are doing everyday with what you were sent here to do. You will shift from merely surviving to thriving in your journey through life.

The coaching process is customized to fit your needs and move at your pace. The result is feeling fully connected to yourself, others and the Divine. When you operate at this level, your ability to manifest what you want in your life is greatly enhanced. At the end of each coaching session you will feel a sense of forward movement in your life. More importantly you will learn ways to sustain that movement between sessions.


Question # 2: What do you expect of your clients?


My Response: My clients are "seekers" who are committed to learning, growing and living on purpose. You need to be ready to start the journey. You are expected to come to each coaching session fully prepared and ready to create the next steps in your life. You will be expected to always tell the truth. I will hold you accountable for waht you commit to accomplishing. And when you don't get done what you said you would, I will facilitate a discovery process that will lead you to insight instead of self-criticism.


Question # 3: What is your commitment to me, the client?


My Response: My personal commitment to you is to bring my full attention, intuition and willingness to share my own life lessons to each call. My desire is to create a coaching environment where you feel incredibly safe to be yourself, explore new thoughts and to tell the truth, both to me and yourself!

How often have you experienced what it is like to be fully understood, incredibly supported and lovingly challenged to live at your highest possible level? If you are like most of my clients and most people, the answer is seldom. I am totally dedicated to delivering a 'peacefully supercharged' coaching experience.


Question #4: What is the best way to know if working with you as my coach is right for me?


My Response: The best way to discover if my approach is right for you is to simply schedule a free, no obligation trial coaching session. I would be delighted to meet you over the phone and introduce you to my special introductory session. Then you can decide if you want to continue working with me.


Question # 5: What is the structure and format of your coaching process?


My Response: I have a number of options from which to choose. Clients generally select the format that makes them feel the most comfortable and meets their budgetary requirements. The following options are examples of the most commonly used formats.


Option 1: If you prefer one-on-one coaching via the phone, you will talk with me 3 times in a four week period. Each session is one hour long.


Option 2: If you prefer one-on-one coaching in person, I will meet with you at a mutually convenient site twice a month. Your fee will include my travel costs.


Option 3: If you prefer coaching in a group you may be able to join one that is forming or you may create a group that is comprised of friends and associates. This group would focus on a program or topic concept that is meaningful to you. I would like to discuss this appraoch with you as the group is formed to provide insights on how to make this work effectively. Group Sponsors receive a reduced coaching fee.


Question # 6: Is Frank the right coach for me?


My Response: Choosing your coach is a very important decision. There should be a natural match and an instantaneous level of comfort with your coach. I recommend that you interview several coaches before you make up your mind. I recommend that you also consider these options: call me to receive a brief questionnaire that will allow you to test your readiness for coaching and/or schedule a free, no obligation trial coaching session with me today!


Call today and schedule your free, no obligation trial coaching session.


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