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I a
m an intuitive resource whose passion is guiding clients to a personal discovery of their own inner wisdom and individual joy.

As a Coach, I believe in the value of true partnership. I listen to my clients and reflect back to them their unspoken and often untapped dreams and talents. I see things they cannot see, hear things they cannot hear. My pledge to you is this: to, always, deliver my insights with a nurturing spirit that brings clarity, focus and direction to your life's journey.

As an author and workshop leader I enlist my creative spirit to provide paths of illumination for those seeking a sense of purpose and life meaning. My aim is to create a neutral environment where participants and readers can find the encouragement and safety they need to reach beyond the immediate, attain their goals and align with their own higher sense of purpose and consciousness.

I have spoken at several international conferences devoted to the profession of coaching. The "Journey to Spiritual Transformation" workshop I created has resulted in significant spiritual growth for many of the participants. The "Change Your Energy - Change Your Life" teleclass I designed and developed delivers results in life-changing insights for attendees. Several years ago, I self-published a book on personal growth titled "Pedaling Through Life". You will receive your personal copy when you sign up for coaching with me.

During my career in the leadership development industry I have held senior management positions in the top four firms:

  • Blanchard Training & Development
  • Development Dimensions International
  • Zenger-Miller Inc.
  • Arthur Anderson & Co.

In addition to my corporate experience as an executive and as an executive coach, I am a graduate of Coach U.

I started The Learning Institute in 1994. The company's mission is to create and conduct engaging learning experiences that transform lives. It has been said, "Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life." I know that statement is true because it feels like I haven't 'worked a day' since 1994.

My personal life mission is to experience the joy of living on purpose,

sharing what I learn with other seekers.

Here is what some of my clients have said recently about their coaching experience with me: 

"Frank is reflection; a mirror into the depths of a person's spirit."

"Frank, you have been like an angel from heaven to me...I find great peace right now in my deep faith and I am able to help more than ever."
"I have been working with Frank for the last two months and he has given me such insight into growing my business
 by taking all that I learned to another level of commitment and purpose."                 

"I am thrilled with the work we are doing. Thanks again."

"Frank, I just had to share this - the more I am conscious and take care of the important things, the better I feel, THE HIGHER MY ENERGY. I write this with tears in my eyes. This is a "To Sir with love" email instead of a song."

"Thanks to our sessions, the gap is not as big as it used to be. At least now I can find the boat and I've got some oars."

"You are a gem, Frank. You're a wonderful human being. Talking with you has created a wonderful expansion in my life and I am grateful. Thanks."

Services offered at The Learning Institute include:

  • Coaching: Individual and Teams/Groups
  • Sales Training/Masterful Selling
  • Leadership Training
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Key Note Presentations
  • Custom Developed Training
  • Personal Development Seminars
  • Transformation Leadership Training and Development

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or call me at: 630-926-4909


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